Beta Analysis for Monitoring 100 Smart Utility Meters

Meter Status Indicators

A 10 X 10 matrix of display indicators shows the status for 100 meters.  When a meter is communicating with this station, its indicator will flash.  If a meter has never communicated with this station, its indicator will be black.  Otherwise the indicators show one of the following:


The connection with this meter has been very reliable.

* The connection with this meter has been mostly reliable.

* The connection with this meter is not working correctly.

* The call from this meter is past due.

* The call from this meter is long past due.


Start Buttons

Com 1 and Com 2 start communicating through the modem connected to com 1 or com 2, respectively.  Simulate Modem plays back previously recorded modem data.

Connection Status

These indicators are displayed at the bottom.  One of them is highlighted to indicate the current connection status, as follows:

    Waiting for the next call.

    A meter has called.  Establishing a connection.

    Identifying the meter.  Verifying its password.

    Checking meter status.

    Sending the current time-of-day and other information to the meter.

    Saving the utility data.

Note: the Monitor was "seeded" with random data from Meters 0 - 76.  The data deliberately shows many more errors than would be seen in a functioning system.  (All green status indicators would not be a very illustrative sample screen.)

Monitor Reports

The Monitor records all meter data into a standard Microsoft Access Database.  It can easily be modified to record meter data into any existing utility database.  A few representative reports from the database are shown below.  Other data can easily be extracted and reported, as needed.


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